Khofiz Shakhidi: the story of a successful entrepreneur from Tajikistan

Surprisingly, a person who is closely connected with finances can be a philosopher and poet in his soul. Khofiz Shakhidi has come a long way to occupy such positions as Chairman of GTL Terminals Ltd and Director of Jefferson Capital. The life of a famous businessman and his detailed biography are in the material.

According to the Tajik businessman, life is impossible without love. Happiness can be found only by one who has found the truth. Khofiz Shakhidi has the right moral values. Thanks to the parents, love lives in the heart of the entrepreneur. By the way, he was bo in the family of a writer and a famous composer. Also, he has two brothers.

What is worth knowing about Khofiz Shakhidi?

Omar Khayyam once said that a fallen spirit dies prematurely. It was his wisdom that inspired the businessman to act and never lose hope. Perhaps outlook on life helped  Mr. Shakhidi become such a successful businessman. He can rightly be called a financial genius.

Khofiz Shakhidi was bo in late sunny spring – May 19, 1977. A businessman loves the place where he comes from. We are talking about the largest scientific, cultural, political, the economic center of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. An atmosphere of romance, humor, and kindness always reigned in the businessman’s house. All thanks to Mr. Shakhidi’s parents – Tolib Khon and Gulsifat.

Shakhidi has chosen his path since the University of Essex. He has a degree in economics. When you choose your path in life, then everything goes as it should. After university, Khofiz Shakhidi held various positions in the field of investment and finance.

Why is Khofiz Shakhidi called the best in the world of finance?

He was not yet 25 years old when he pressed the start of his career. The job that determined the profession of entrepreneur Khofiz Shakhidi, a position in the banking sector of the City of London. He began working at Crédit Agricole CIB in 2002. At such a young age, Mr. Shakhidi became director of BSI Bank.

The Tajik financial genius has held more than one leading position in his life. All of them were in successful financial institutions. It took him several years of practice to establish a private investment portfolio in 2008.

He never stood still, had a clear goal in life and achieved what he wanted. Now his main pride is, of course, his family, but a nice bonus to her is business. Khofiz Shakhidi is the director of finance giant Jefferson Capital. Also, the entrepreneur holds the position of chairman of GTL Terminals Ltd.

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