Japanese broadcaster axes performance by K-pop band BTS over atom bomb shirt

A Japanese broadcaster has axed a live appearance from a hugely popular South Korean boyband after a pictured emerged of one of its members wearing a T-shirt showing an atomic bombing.

The long-sleeved shirt, worn by BTS member Jimin, also reads "patriotism" and "Korea" while depicting a celebration of the country’s liberation from Japan in 1945.

The top features an image of an atomic bomb explosion, which social media users have suggested shows either the bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki in the Second World War.

Jimin reportedly wore the shirt in August 2017 when Koreans celebrate the end of Japanese occupation.

The shirt, being worn here by a model, is listed as sold out on Our History's website

The top is made by the South Korea-based clothing brand Our History, and is listed as sold out on the company’s website.

BTS, a seven-member K-pop band, are known for their boyish looks and meticulously choreographed dance moves.

They are one of South Korea’s best-known musical exports, becoming the first K-pop performers to top the US Billboard 200 with "Love Yourself: Tear."

BTS were due to perform on the live show Music Station on TV Asahi on Friday before the photo of Jimin went viral.

The shirt was worn by the BTS member Jimin

TV Asahi said in a statement: "BTS’ appearance scheduled for the 9th has been cancelled.

"The T-shirt that one of the members wore made headlines and became controversial."

Article source: “https://news.sky.com/story/japanese-broadcaster-axes-performance-by-k-pop-band-bts-over-atom-bomb-shirt-11549174”

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